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Monday 9 July 2012

Lux Magical Spell Beauty Gathering

Hi Beauty,
i remember when i got an email from Lux for invitation Beauty Gathering a couple month ago, i curious, there was a real invitation or not? because i am a newbie in Beauty Blog.
so i make sure again to the company, and they said , they will contact me soon , when they already had fixed rundown for event.
okee... i thought, they were kidding me, LOL! becoz, most of invitation i got from IBB, never directly from Company itself.
so after 3weeks later, they email me again and sent me an invitation. i can't believe, i received that. this is the first time i got an invitation directly from company, i was so touched,(Norak mode on).

they told to me to wore anything purple on the event as their dress code. so i wore purple mixed with darkred red like Lux Magicall spell variant. LOL

  so if you have time, and willingly to read my story about Lux Magical Spell Beauty Gathering, pls keep to read my story^_^ . i am so happy to know that. if you never like my blog and my way to write a report, pls click the close button on the top right on your page, i never force you to read my blog, and i think u don't have any skill that i have. Deal!

so, on july 6,2012 at Epiwalk-Kuningan Jakarta @ Alex's Pizze e Paste, they held Beauty Gathering.
the gathering itself looks like a leisurely meal while listening history of The beginning of Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance.
My first impression when entering this cafe was dimly lit, romantic and filled with purple as the theme itself lux.

i meet my friend ENDI FENG, he was the one wore orange at cafe, most of beauty bloggers wore purple -___-". he told that he never have purple colour. okelah kalo begitu...

a large pizza already serve on the table. looks delicious!
while waiting the event began, i took some pictures for my report.

and their put a couple of Lux Magical Spell fine Fragrance and fragrance essence itself.
how cute the bottle is it.

Afriani Karina as Senior Brand Manager Uniliver chat greeted and chat with us, she so kind.
When the event began, they introduce about Lux, Lux has a role in Beauty Body Wash in the world.
most of body wash just cleans up our body, But Lux as a Beauty Body Wash give us a beautiful experience while we are showering to relax our mind and give a relaxation to our mind.

and Teti Meltiany as a re-preventative of Givaudan, share to us how to make fine fragrance for lux.
very informative!! Did you know that lux collaborate with world class perfume house which is Givaudan and famous Nose perfumer , Ann Gottlieb who were created famous perfumes such as Calvin Klein, Caroline Herrera, and Marc Jacobs. they created special one exclusive only for Lux to give impress mysterious long lasting fragrance.

they did research and test with many ingredient and survey of woman's favorite for perfume to make Fine Fragrance for lux.

as a tope note of ingredients, Lux used Juniper Oil which blend perfectly with Black Orchid, Jasmine and Violet. to make it special they add brown sugar and vanilla, as base note to make it long lasting all day , sandalwood and velvet musk as favorite.
on event gathering, lux introduce "House of Lux" as source of inspiration and communication way for Lux Lover. House of Lux is the centre of Lux activities where full of luxury, and beauty, dedicate to women who want to feel "Million dollar felling".
Lux already has brand awareness in indonesia as beauty body wash. i remember when i was a child, my mom always bought lux for body soap ( there has been no liquid soap), i used the white one , that was my fav. fragrance for body soap.

they always collaborate with Famous artist, such as Luna maya, Atiqa Hasiholan, Tamara Blezensky, Dian sastro, and maria renata for being their brand ambassador.

Let me show to you my fav. lux advertise, it's remain me with twilight saga, isn't it?

after the event, we have dinner together at Alex Pizze e cafe

and my pose :D

and this is our Photo with other beauty Bloggers

so i hope you enjoy read my report and i will do review product for Lux Magicall spells.
see u guys next post :)
oh ya, don't Forget support my blog only with click "joint this site" on side box :)


Istiarina Putri said...

Whoaaa, you posted it fast..

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for giving me the chance to attend that LUX beauty event, I enjoyed it so much, Kattie!

Nice to meet you in person :)

Unknown said...

@creatila: iya sama sama, berbagi sama blogger lain jg yg mau dtg hehehe
Biar seru ;)

angelina cynthia said...

wow , asiknya , aku jg msi newbie ni di blogger world, nice to know ur experiences here..

Unknown said...

@angelina cyntia: iya ^^ nanti juga pasti angelina dpt kok undangan, btw kamu pake apa? blogspot atau apa?

Winda - dajourneys.com said...

nasib blogger luar kota :p gak pernah dapet undangan event2 heheee nice review sis ^^

Endi Feng said...

POSE menganga elu juara, Kattie! LOL

boy, you are fast! mau terbitin juga ah, sebelum basi. >_<

Unknown said...

@winda : mgkn kalo next ada event dikotamu. Dirimu bs diajak. Tetap smgt ngeblog
@endi: ini pose nganga terbesar yg g pnya. Iye buruan poss bok...

Blue Poinsettia said...

Oh my word! You are so lucky to have been invited to an event like that! Lux twilight are my favourite, i have the soap bar, body wash & the lotion...it's fabulous!!!! Smells like heaven and even the name of my bed is called twilight, hehe!

I would defnitely read your blog again!

Unknown said...

Hi leanie foot: yes, i agree with u.
The scent of lux was fabulous. Magical spell remain me with twilight. Unfortunalley , i have discuss lux product mix breaking dawn, but i wrote in indonesia langugae.
I will repost in english, so other international friends, can read that.
Glad to have friend like u ;)
See u next post

mazEKA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mazEKA said...

Keren... Jadi pengen dapet aksesoris LUXnya... Kalo udah bosen ma box nya, saya dengan senang hati menerimanya. Thx

Unknown said...

Heheh sis kenapa dihapus commentnya? :D saya blm baca.
Bolehh mau boxnya kesini sy ksh

mazEKA said...

Iya.. Sy dobel kirim commentnya. Trus saya bukan sis, tp bro.. Wkwkwk.. Saya kolektor LUX. Beneran mau kasih box ungunya LUX..? Baru sadar ternyata bukan box tapi tas ya?

Unknown said...

Hi maezka
Ini box sih ga bs dijadikan tas, kayaknya ga gt kuat
Cm box hiasan, dlmnya ada kaca ;)
Dan didesakn khusus untuk blogger kmrn yg dtg hehehehe

mazEKA said...

Keren boxnya... Flashdisknya juga keren bgt. Ada logo LUXnya... Box dan flashdisk kmrn sampe kapanpun jangan dibuang ya... Saya mau bekasnya, bahkan kondisi rusakpun... Hehehe... Fans gila nih

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