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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Event: Lux White Collections

hi everyone,
last Thursday, 27 September 2012.
Misskattie was Invited by Lux Indonesia to attend their event for launching their new variant :

oke in this post i wanna told to you the situation on that event ya.
start from i get an email "bipp" an email was comming out on my phone. i guess what is that?
wow i got an invitation again from Lux, their will held a party and dinner for beauty blogger in "Dazzling White theme"

and guess, what i see? i see their ask me to use in WHite Dress. and the place at Grand Balroom Dharmawangsa Hotel. OMG! the locations was far from my office and home and the time in 17:00 , that is the rush hours, i guess i will be stuck in traffic jam at  Slipi ,kuningan until block m.

i should start from my Office on 15:00 , so at Thursday, 27 September 2012. i ask my friend "EMILY" to acoompany me at that events, Emily was Beauty Blogger too.
we start early and prepare going to this party. but i can't use my dress because i worry use Backless using Cab.
decoration like wedding party , isn't it?
hahaha they use majority white colors :) and some pink and a little purple

once i arrive at the hotels, EO ask me to have dinner first ^^
let's see their menus :)
i already tested this corner :) i choose toom yam as Soup :)

i love chiliii ^^ spicy and sweet :) i add this on my toom yam soup .. slurppp
oh ya for more details about what the menus they serve for us (beauty bloggers) during event, i will post separately on my Culinary channel. ( i will pu the link soon)

back on their decorations, they have concept for dazling and bling bling in white. what you need is to be more confident and feel special.
womens synonymous with jewerly, so they make something elegance as their brand "LUX" for women.
you see how beautiful swarovsky on the soap :)
i think this is will be the expensive soap in the world, if they put all swarovski on their soap. LOL!

anyway this is Genuie Crystal from Czech.

and their set all in white :) dazzling white with crystal.

in this event, they introduce us their new variants which is
white radiance make your body light and soft and white glamours make your body fresh, and white sure with their pearl powder signature
look how big is it? i think this is 3 meters and Do you belive this is only 220ml? i think it will be 2 cubic and enough for 10 years :)

here is their new TVC , you will show on early october 2012.

and they invited 3 womens who were have special moment on her life to their new TVC to inspire women in indonesia.
they came from Fashion Bloggers, guitarist,etc.
and it's time for the lucky winners get prizes worth 2.5 million, selected with random.
she is emily
she got 2.5 million from LUX, how lucky she is.

ususually, i take a sweet picture " hoehh" now see my best picture that i have.here is my pic :(
My face said -->"emily... why you not share with  me?" LOL!!

and what i got from this event
2pcs  new variants of LUX (wow i love the one of them) i will review why i love it and memory such as flash disk with dazzling hearth shape :)

thank u lux for ur invitation and thank u too for reading my blog.
i hope u enjoy and don't forget subscribe my blog


mazEKA said...

Keren banget...

Wah, sebenernya saya juga dapat undangan "New LUX White Collection". Tapi ga seberuntung kamu, yang dapet notifikasi bunyi "beep"...

Wah dapet flashdisk hati juga ya...

Sayang banget ga dateng... :(

Monic said...

wiwiiwwww ada misskatie ternyata lohhh. hihi >.<
dekorasinya emg keren banget yah, ini emg dekorasi wedding sih.
ntr kalo ada event lg barengan dungggg :D


Unknown said...

Hahaha notifikasi beep tu suara handphone aku ceritanya
Iya sayanggg mustinya datang seruuu

Unknown said...

Ayooo ayooo kl ada event lg mari marii kita ngobroll

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