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Monday 15 October 2012

It's Time To color my nails

hi.. i think it's time for changing my nail colors.
haha i don't color my thumb :P
so i want to replace with new colors
i prepare
  • nail remover
  • top coat
  • base coat
  • nail polish
  • cotton pad
start with clean all rest of my nail colors with nail remover and cotton pad.
i use Thefaceshop Lovely Me-ex Nail Remover , this is my second bottle. i recommend this , because it will not make me your nail dry, at least.. it's better than Local Nail remover.
the weekness of lovely me-ex remover was, it can't clean instantly,see on my nails.
Tips: take a cotton pad, pour nail remover and put it on your nail, pat in in 5 second, don't rub it.
it will easy to clean than u rub.

here is the result without i rub.
oke just for clarification
if you see my first photo, my thumbs clean, because that is my left finger and the thumbs that colored was right finger, so don't confuse.. why the first pic ,my thumbs without nail colors, but second photo, my thumb has color. got it?? :)

and the next , i will use left hand, because i hold camera in right hand ^^
after my nails already cleaned. i start with base coat.
base coat helps you to prepare your nail from dryness and toxic from nail colors.
Base coat helps you to flatten your nail texture.
oke! now i color my nail with OPI
don't forget to use Top coat as finishing
it keep your color long lasting and still shiny

thank u for reading my blog
see u!



Adel said...

warnanya cantik :)

Unknown said...

Iya aq pake opi not so bora bora pink kali ga salah namanya :)

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