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Thursday 6 June 2013

Bliv Off Those Heads review for blackhead

  The most annoying thing on my life was entering adolescence 15th years old, where my pore become a black hole and blackheads on my face grow flourish. 

Lately, I have been pretty busy and slightly exhausted from work.
Last month, I had some sponsor products that I want to discuss, and I lift the material to be reviewed

Oh yeah, this month misskattie.com is quite lucky enough (maybe).
because, this month misskattie get 3 special offers from international sponsors, namely: try facial beauty, exploration of one of the airlines and the grand opening dominoz cafe.  

Please do not get confused, why I am as  a beauty blogger is invited on that event that had nothing related with beauty bloggers.
I was also quite surprised, because the email came from each companies's PR.  

the PR, they said that they made research for  bloggers where my blog - misskattie appears as a blogger (not a beauty blogger only), from which they invited misskattie to join their events.

However, the bad news is the 3 offers i got all from Singapore T_T (it does not seem sincere opportunity given to me)

I've ever heard before bliv brand, which is famous for its tagline as a blackhead remover within 14 days.Because I was curious, so I ventured to accept the offer and the challenge of bliv to use their products and in the review

Bliv was sent me many products for blackhead, pores and acne related. because Bliv not arbitrary, provides its products to be tested by the blogger, not want a promotion, but they want to show definite results
so that the reader believes that any review given is 100% pure honesty. before they sent me products, they asked me what is concern of my skin / skin type... I said "Blackheads and pores" seriously, I hate my blackheads so muchhhh! and voila... I get their package by DHL! thanks Bliv.

Quite simple packaging box comes with mica and in it, there is a small plastic bottle that holds 15ml
the most important I like about this is, it has a pump.
my efforts to  rid of blackheads was various , sometimes I wear like Biore pore pack.
was wearing a pore pack will make pores bigger and blackheads are not lifted up.

the bad thing I did to rid my blackhead when I went to facial house.
 I was quite cured, because i feel pain until crying and worse things were my pores so getting bigger and making new holes on my face.

until I found Bliv (the specialist of Blackheads).
what it is? this sebum gel extracts blackheads with ease-without the need to painfully squeeze.
Off With Those Heads Removes the blackheads without violence and stop them from appearing ever again.
the gel softens the clogging blocking my pores. its essence ingredients keep oil secretions under control and skin irritation will never again rule.

it has Gel texture with clear colors and really easy to absorb on my face and sure make my face smooth and tight. ^_^ 
a review would not feel complete if without the results. isn't it? so here is the result after I use it in 1 week.
this is the before photo. 

My face looks dull and oily, it because of blackheads are not lifted. excess oil makes my face dull. I hate large pores. Argg!!
after I used Bliv off with those heads, here is the result.
The result is not very significant, because I've used it 1 week. but I am quite satisfied.
because my face started to decrease oil and some of my blackheads already gone.yipii ^^

they have 2 variants of it : 30ml = 46US$ and 45ml= 63US$ but you can get it only US$1, how see the last banner & go checkout while the promotions is still running.
now. do you believe the result of Bliv off with those heads? curious to try?? go to checkout by click this banner.

Oh ya they can ship internationally.so, don't worry! go to checkout now! and say bye-bye to Blackheads. I will still continue to use it! because I want improve my skin too look fresh and clean.

anyway they have promotion ! with cupon code : HEADS1

thanks to bliv to your greatt products and change my skin into fresh ^^

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