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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Update: after using Phyto

Finally, I can make annoucement that I already "Graduate" for using Phyto Shampoo For Dandruff.
If you didn't understand with "what I am Talking About" you should read my first Review and second review on here
and after my dandruff gone, I use their Oily shampoo

after I use this shampoo around 4 months, finally... my dandruff completely gone (∩_∩) . Good news!
I can use another shampoo, without dependence with Phyto.(^o^)V.

for your information, Phyto is quite expensive around Rp 235.000
1 bottle Phyto shampoo around 100ml can approximately for 1month
Now. I am using Lifebouy Shampoo and I don't have problem again , when I change with Lifebouy.
Lifebouy only Rp 16.000,-(plus minus) so it save my money a lot.( ̄ー ̄)

┐(''┐) (┌'')┐(''┐) (┌'')┐(''┐) (┌'')┐(''┐) (┌'')┐(''┐) (┌'')┐(''┐) (┌'')
so, This is my story, I hope my update is useful for all readers.

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