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Thursday 9 May 2013

Makeup for my Chubby cheeks

Happy Holiday everyone *__*
perhaps, some of you are relaxing at home enjoying this long holiday?
after married,I have a pretty high appetite, thus making me chubby. huahaha...
I eat noodle, mochi, hainam chicken rice, anything I like it.
now! I'm regret for eating a lot of  >,< my cheek becomes chubby. My belly looks like already have 2 children. OMG!
I don't want to be the fattest indonesian beauty blogger. OH NO NO!!
I have little perception that Indonesian beauty blogger must appear gorgeous , that could be an example to the public for their makeup.

I don't confidence if have excess fat in my belly.  My advice never assumed "Big is Beautiful!" because all diseases can be started from the problem of obesity. So, stay healthy.. Don't forget to do work out!! 

enough for chitchat huahaha...Now, I want share tips for makeup & hair for chubby cheeks like me :)

oke we start from eyes:
I used Coastal scent 88 ultra summer palette , I used Millennium Mysterious colour, I mean more metallic shades gradation. The colors I choose this time inspired from 15th Anniversary from Urban Decay : Evidence & Omen .
Use Flash

I replace color Evidence with

and omen with

so I make gradation on my monolid eyes. I take blue color for inner to half and purple from half to outter.
after that I blend all with blending brush. Take any eyeliner gel to draw your line 
Because I have acne coz menstruation, Bliv by Cellnique recommends & sends me their "got me covered: which is Foundation for oily skin + sunblock SPF35,PA+++
And for finishing I take my ASTALIFT light Anazlying Two Way cake, it has a smooth texture, I love it!
why I use Astalift? because Astalift Two way cake can help me prevent fine line in my face.
 Looks at my forehead , there is an acne huahahhaa  :D

we are going to finish , so hurry up scroll to down.
take your favorite shading & Hi-lite makeup.
see the picture , I was shading my nose start from under eye .

dont forget to do shading on your cheek, to make your face more look sharper.
I do shading so my face will get Oval shape's effect.

this is my favorite part, I like to choose lipstick colors. because today I Focus makeup on my eyes. so, I choose pink color From Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips for today.

and Hoola! this is the looks I made :)
I Let my hair down to cover my cheek.


What I am wearing?
Bliv Foundation+sunblock | ASTALIFT Two way cake | Coastal scent 88 SHimmer Palette | Etude House Dear My blooming lips.

Where I can buy?
Bliv can be purchase at banner i put on side bar *coming soon*| ASTALIFT available on Sheibu Grand Indonesia | Coastal Scent available on ZATURASHOP | Etude house Dear my blooming lips available on Etude House Counter.

How much is it? 
ASTALIFT powder foundation IDR 400,000 | Bliv Got me covered $32

How You do this makeup?
30 minutes

How  Long your makeup stay
My makeup will stay until 12 hours and cleans it with cleansing oil

Any Questions?
just comment below :) I will back to sit and reply your question, Don't Forget to Follow my twitter and blog just click on side bar for join this blog.


Carlos K.jent said...

You have funny pop up cheeks.
You are not chubby as I think.
Just pop up cheek.

Misskattie said...

Hehehe **blushing**

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