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Friday 26 July 2013


  Are you looking for facial boutique? here is my review..
maybe SAMPAR already near your city and country!

Guys! I would let you to know that I did facial at SAMPAR Kota Kasablanka - Jakarta.
Maybe... some of you previously know about SAMPAR. Because SAMPAR already "happening" at Jakarta. 
If you are looking for facial without Pain. maybe this can be your alternative one to try.
Be careful, because this post will full with Pictures. :D

oke, on 22th July 2013, I did facial at SAMPAR. 
before I make an appointment with them, I am googling about SAMPAR! so, I don't want my face can be the subject of the experiment

SAMPAR iskincare and cosmetic From PARIS. They had already known as High level
skin care for anti-aging, Blemish and whitening. 

or, if you don't know about what is SAMPAR exactly? so, better you read my Full story when I am getting Facial at sampar. I call this post in Indonesia "salah satu tempat facial recommended tanpa rasa sakit ala misskattie.com"

I arrived at Kota Kasablanka Around 2.00 pm , they store was located at UG level near Charles and Keith and MAKEUP FOREVER's Store.

Yuli as Their therapist was greeting me nicely with welcome drink lol.. just mineral water but It's oke.. they have good service to serve a guest with welcome drink.

Before she  started , she asked me about my skin type such as oily/sensitive/dry/blemish. 

After it, she brought me to Facial Room, and she asked me to change my suit into the bathrobe

The first, The Therapist cleans my face with Facial cleanser, because I have Oily and sensitive skin. if you have dry skin, they will clean your face with cleansing milk.

And then, they swipe my eyeliner and eyebrow with make-up remover.
Next, She was explained that she would give me little concoction before peeling, for make my skin smooth and ready to peel.

and this is peeling time. OMG! have you ready my peeling from ACUA CURE before?
if not yet, please read it... SAMPAR has a triple smooth ,silk texture and after it my skin is becoming very smooth to touch! I can't believe it! I touch touch and touch my face and giggle, how smooth it is without pain , itchy and warm.. OMG! you should try it!
oh ya,..   Before she massages gently SAMPAR's Peeling, She steamed my face with O2 Steamer. wow.. O_o #I like it
If you're not believed with I am talking, you can go to their boutique and try their peeling... FREE for try loh Different with the aesthetic clinic . SAMPAR's Peeling has smooth , creamy and silk texture, after it, you will get cleans. Without Blackhead, your face feels tight. 

I will buy their Peeling to replace my AQUA CURE one..

And after it, She massages my face very gentle, and I enjoy my forehead, nose,cheek and neck. I can relax and enjoy with SAMPAR's Service.

She gave me Blemish Corrector for my Acne
the first time she applied on my red acne .. AUWWW I feel "nyesss" on my acne.
you will feel "auww" only on trouble spot not all on your face, it because it can heal your acne.
after 1 days, my acne gone :)

She applied a mask on my face and while she was waiting for my mask gets dry.

She started to massage my hand with lavender oil, and I quite surprise with SAMPAR's BONUS. That is
****Foot massage and; Scrub.***
I confuse.. is it facial boutique or spa boutique??

anyway She said in SAMPAR, "while we are waiting my customer's mask to dry, we give them bonuses to massage their hand and scrub their feet with our body scrub". 

I feel warm when she was scrubbing my foot, it because they use sea salt to exfoliate and make my foot fresh, smooth and shiny.  ^_~

After the mask dries, she rinses off with warm towel and then applies moisturizer, eye cream and "again" she massaged my head. ^_^

She spends around 8 warm towel every time she rinse during facial.
wow. hygienic.

so, I recommend SAMPAR as your facial treatment place
because no pain, no needle..

Curious? Book your appointment now at SAMPAR KASABLANKA.
021-294-88725 with Yulie (therapist) 

you can come to their Facial Boutique
Kota Kasablanka
Upper Ground Unit no.32
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88
Jakarta Selatan 12870

and this is my face after Treatment ^_^ I have acne before because menstruation.

the products I used in this treatment are:

thanks for reading my blog ^_^ have fun with your treatment 

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